Wednesday, October 31, 2012

~ Sincerely :')

Dear  god,

I beg to you,
Please take good care of all those people
who had really2 take a good of me
before this untill now....
I really2 appreciate their presence in my life....
They are so kind to me....too kind....yeah too kind :')
I'm so sorry because I think I can't take a good care
of them as they take a very good care of me....

* suddenly feel wanna to cry now :'(

Let us be grateful to the people 

who make us happy!
they are the charming gardeners
who make our souls blossom <3

To them 

~ I'm so sorry......
Only god can repay all your kindness to me....
I am just an ordinary human being sometime I feel angry ,
sometime I feel happy and sometimes I don't even know what i felt!
I'm so sorry if I ever make you all feel annoyed
with all my bad attitude and maybe of myself.
Just one thing I can say....
THANK YOU very2 much for all the
things that you are ever did for me 
whether directly or indirectly....
thank you very2 much!

May god always bless all of you :) <3

~ always Think positive  yeah (:

Truly sincerely from deep of my heart ,
Naa Nady

And to all my friends ,
I wish you all
good luck and all the best for your final examination...
Hope we can achieve flying colours result...
Hope so.....
InsyaALLAH ,amin.....
May god always bless all of us....
- Wish me luck yeah.....hope I can do well in my examination <3
thx.... (:

~ btw , Thanks for reading my post :')
- Smile always yeah (:

P/s - Dear 344, I missyou so so much :'(

Friday, October 12, 2012

~ Just smile :')

true enough...


iloveyou!  <3

Be strong! :)

Just stay strong :')


~ You were always able to make me smile even if you do nothing :') 
no matter what will happen I'll always <3 you 

I really2 miss you my dear <3

true..... :D




I hope you are the one I'm looking for (:





All that is because  iloveyou....only you 344  :')

Every moment spent with you ,
 it like a beautiful dream come true....
I wish I can always be with you if possible

Thanks for reading :)
Have a nice day ^^