Tuesday, August 27, 2013

~Want to make myself FREE FROM STRESS :)

His voice is so cute! hehe

His face also is too cute!
His smile is the sweetest ever :D
Everything bout him is so cute ~
No matter what will happen, 
I will always love him!
only him ^^
love it! <3

With love truly sincerely from ,
me <3

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Someone told me this in a letter that has been wrote last year...

.....I promise I won't leave you behind coz I dun want to see you sad...If possible I dun want to see you cry in future even once...If you are sad,just rmb that I'll always stay in your heart as long as I breathing....

but now maybe I will live forever alone,bcoz maybe he don't want to be with me anymore..
I know I am the worst girl ever...
If can I don't ever want to lose him....i really2 love him...but if that is what god will for us...
no matter what happen and no matter how hard it will be,
I have to accept it...even it will takes the whole happiness in my life .
but I really2 hope that this will never happen in my life .