Sunday, April 6, 2014


Will you miss me when I'm already gone??
Will you still remember who I am when I'm already gone??
Will you always willing to love me even when I am gone??

Saturday, April 5, 2014 and hope for forever.

Iloveyou♥ should know by now...
You always be the one that I love...
My dear 344,
No matter what happen in my future...I want you to know that I always appreciate all the things that you had done for me...when I'm sad...when I'm scared...when I'm make yourself to keep being with me through my up and downs...u still accept me even when I scold you for so many reason....even when I'm the one who wrong...u still willing to be here with my side...I know it is hard for you to handle a person like me...a negative-thinker person...but u still try hard to manage make me smile again. Thanks a lot♥

Our love may be teared apart for some some person...we may can't be together due to some reason...but yet I want you to know are still n always be in my heart...I may can't have you in my arm...maybe I only can have you in my heart...u always lived in my heart...since the day that I told you that I love you...
Now,after all that we're going through....I lived with a little hope that we can be together in our future...we will be together,only if we're meant to be for each other. But if we're not meant to be with each other,we must accept that fate.I will always pray for your happiness.Smile always ya :-)

Thx a lot for still being here with me till now.I really appreciate your existence in my life.

That's all for today.
Thanks for reading :-)