Saturday, June 21, 2014


THE IMPORTANT MAIN RULE that you have to follow:
- if u ever THINK want to be my future life partner!

1) Respect me!! (including willing to accept all  my flaws)
2) The priority of your life must be :
First , god .
Second , me n my children ( if I ever had a child)
3) Truly love me. Fight till last , to get my true love.
Willing to understand me.
4) Explain to all people that related to our life ,
that they must RESPECT the relationship 
between you and me!! (including your parents)
5) Know what is your responsibility .
6) No cheating AT ALL!! always be faithful with me.
7) Always be honest about everything!
8) If you have problem with anything ,kindly tell me.
9) Always have a firm decision in life!
10) Strictly follow all this rule!!

Did u dare enough??

That's all for today. okay,bye!!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

A feeling~~

Sometimes its good to be SICK! THAT IS THE ONLY TIME , U WILL KNOW WHO IS TRULLY REALLY CARE ABOUT YOU!!!! When ur sick, that time only god will let u rest from thinking bout other useless thing...because at that time, u can only think bout the pain of ur illness!!!